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P2P Safe


Kazaa Lite
Game Trading
Viruses and Internet Security
RIAA and p2p enemies
Rips and Iso
CD Images
Mission Statement


If you want to trade(through mirc or direct connect) or have question e-mail me( or go to our forums. Look for me on k-lite as or theprisoner!( Note: I am no longer giving away personal downloads for nothing, you must trade or look on k-lite!-Or you must look at my forum info on getting free personally downloads)
Games im looking for:
Blitzkreig- Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield- Kohan- Galactic Civilizations- port royale- diablo2 and expansion(with cdkeys)
Games I have:
AOM- Neverwinter Nights- Freelancer- Wolfenstine: ET and return to castle- Splinter Cell- Warcraft 3- Rise of Nations- Army Men(all)- Thief- Sim golf- stronghold: crusader- ut2k3- Asherons call 2- Medieval: total war- majesty- lord of the rings- AOE- Empire Earth.
Appz i have:
Norton Anti-Virus- mirc(full)- musicmatch jukebox 7- zonealarm pro 4- macfee spamkiller- neo ip tracker- CDR Win- NTI 6
Thanks for your time!