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Before i begin, right now the government p2p enemies are not a very big threat unless you own a warez site or are sharing many GIGS but in the future, it could become a threat. 1. Peerguardian( is a great way of blocking p2p scanner (REMEMBER to only use their list of bad ip's). You can also use their block list in Zonealarm (look in the forums). 2. Get a firewall. This can sometimes hide your "real" ip. 3. If you are on k-lite go to Options-More Options and hide your sharing list and go to the firewall tabs to edit proxies.
  New K-lite 2.41 Security Setup
 (Under Options---K++ Options)
1. Choose - Disable using port 1214
2. Choose - Users can't get a list of all your shared files
3. Choose - Purge search history on exit
4. Choose - Block bad IP ranges
- Use a very common username!