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News of April 3, 2004- Welcome to my site. I will be trying to rebuild the site in the next few months. Mean while, our new forum board is being hosted by my friend, wootedge. You can find that board here- 
News of May 23, 2004-- Hello all, I have been testing new p2p since kazaa lite has turned into a virus/fake file heaven. I have found a p2p called Ares. It is a great p2p, like the old days of kazaa lite. Download it here.
News of March 9, 2004-- Well, Im back although I probaly will not work on this site anymore. Lately I have been into mmorpgs and made this is Scottish Guardians UXO Guild. Although UXO is in some trouble at the moment, It looks to be a cool game.
News of August 8, 2003-- I have made a ALL new forum board-invision board powered-same as kazaa lite board! Please join!
News of August 2, 2003-- Sup all, cheezymanz has made a new section on PC games and reviews. Also, i have made a new poll (the other one was slowing home page), please vote!! Thanks for all the support, im up to 620+ visitors! More downloads are comming soon!

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